Our Team

Ron Neumann


Ron is an innovator, visionary and serial entrepreneur. Ron has founded more than 10 companies; 4 of which had successful exits and one that is currently growing as the 4th fastest company in Canada. Ron brings his proven ability to successfully execute his big ideas as well as his passion, optimism, and strong leadership to VistaShift®.

Brian Milligan

Director of Client Engagement

Brian’s twenty year background in public service has exposed him to the many and varied interests of stakeholders. He is energized by relationship building and maintenance through integrity, organization and communication. Brian brings these qualities to the table when deploying clients through their VistaShift experience.

Mike Lauder

Strategy and Business Development

As a long standing entrepreneur, Mike designed Veterinary Practice Management Software.   His business and lifestyle was built around communications, trust and respect.   Educated in Science and Education, his honesty and attention to detail brings a meticulous level of research and development to the VistaShift Team.  

Harry Cornelius


Harry Cornelius is the principal of branding at Sideren Brand Creation & Alignment. He is one of the pioneers of enterprise branding and experience in Canada. He founded the brand practices at both Gottschalk+Ash International and at Ove Design and Communications Ltd., part of Publicis Canada. Trained in philosophy, Harry got his start helping large and small companies start new businesses. He’s held senior marketing positioning at US-based Fortune 500 and global players in the services industry. He combines business experience and brand insight with a flair for writing copy and naming companies.

Hubert Saint-Onge


Hubert Saint-Onge is the founder and Principal of SaintOnge Alliance.  He has held key senior management positions in leading companies over the past 25 years.  Hubert’s client work showcases the extensive experience he has accumulated as a senior executive in the oil industry as well as in financial services.  Hubert was recently featured as one of five practitioners around the world who have had the most impact on organizations, based on his work as Senior VP of Strategic Capabilities at Clarica.  At the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), his conceptualization and development of the CIBC Leadership Centre, now known as the Kingbridge Centre, was featured in Fortune magazine as a prime example of accelerated organizational learning.

Mike Neudoerffer

Development and Operations Advisor

Mike has held a number of senior technical positions with many small and medium sized organizations where he lead both engineering and operations. He brings his passion for technology and process to provide support in the scaling and growth of VistaShift.