With our process, teams understand each other’s point of view and gain a mutual understanding of their challenge.  This allows them to reach a consensus to determine the items and issues to focus on to reach their individual and team goals.

VistaShift for Teams in 3 Simple Steps

1. Setting the Frame

Delivered by a qualified external consultant


  • VistaShift Process frames the challenge statement and other parameters, in a way that drives useful insights and team alignment.


  • Ensures a highly productive diversity of viewpoints.
  • Helps prevent the “Why didn’t we think of that” syndrome.


  • A specific VistaShift module is chosen or designed to achieve the appropriate results for the type of team and challenge.

2. Insights and Intelligence Processing

Produced VistaShift Technology and Team


Team answers anonymous survey in VistaShift software

  • Does not require same geographical location or same time.
  • Takes a short time and is easy to complete.
  • Anonymity ensures views are not suppressed or shaded.
  • Survey captures habits of thought and then pushes participants to stretch their thinking.


Answers are transformed into meaningful insights

  • Human-assisted AI brings out the detail of the team’s answers.
  • Identifies patterns of thought and exposes details.


Output is a series of visually-oriented reports revealing the inner dynamics of the teams’ views.

Report types are selected to fit the challenge and include

  • Deep and Important Recommended Conversations
  • Team Mindset
  • Team Recommendations
  • Team Insights
  • Team Appendix

Watch this demonstration video of an output report.

3. Review

Facilitated by a qualified external consultant or a VistaShift Internal Specialist  


Consultant or Internal Specialist reviews reports with team participants

  • All participants have access to all reports prior to discussion.
  • Team discusses results collectively with facilitation by the Consultant/Specialist.
  • The experiential character of collective review strengthens alignment.
  • Does not require same geographical location.


Consultant or Internal Specialist, together with leadership and the team identifies follow-up action such as:

  • A deeper dive on key issues exposed by VistaShift.
  • Additional Training & Development/Coaching for team members.
  • An action plan for a strategy or solution implementation.

Team ownership of the follow-up is key to success.