Customer Reactions

Customer Reactions

Client Testimonials

“ We were able to quickly bring together key insights which generated an 18% increase in sales”. Sanjay Singhal, CEO Audiobooks 

The VistaShift NAFTA module was a worthy exercise that provided us with a good collection of risks and opportunities, which was just what we needed to align our team’s thinking and action plan.” Jim Estill, CEO Danby 

 ” This powerful process allowed our team to use their voices and understanding to prove a very powerful outcome and demonstrate that they can be a strong, cohesive team.” Jeanette Heywood, Regional Director  YMCA Simcoe/Muskoka

“When we used VistaShift at Freshbooks, the big benefit was that it aligned our team’s thinking, focus and objectives.  The process brought our team members together, created trust, broke down silos and allowed us to reach our project goals quickly.” Scott Clugston, Director Sales FreshBooks Cloud Accounting 

What Participants of the Process Are Saying

The following are anonymous answers from participants when asked the question ‘what new insights did you gain from this VistaShift® A.I. Advisor survey?’

These are comments after they did their individual surveys.  The outcomes of the collective surveys gave them the results they were looking for.

(I realize now that) “Our language needs to be simple, positive and instantly resonate with (our customers) as a means to make their life easier.”

(This exercise made me realize) “I don’t really know the customer. I need to dig deeper and get a better understanding of our prospects.”

(This process made me) “think in another person’s shoes and that marketing is as important as sales.”

(The exercise) “helped me realize the need to bring more customer understanding to attract the attention of our most important markets and customers.”

“We have to provide value to the customer, and trigger their inner emotions, which will cause them to take action and make the decision for themselves, rather than telling them what to do.”

(It allowed me) “to see where the client is coming from, to think about the story of the client and how to speak to them.”

(This exercise allowed me to) “see the new prospective client with different eyes and be proactive on answering things that I think they would ask in their position.”

“It allowed me to start thinking from a new perspective, which allowed me to see where we were weak and need help.”

The exercise made me realize that we need to continue to innovate and that competitors are starting to take notice.  We need to plan and execute”

(This exercise) ” Really got me thinking more about who are customers are and what they are looking for in our product”

There may be some challenges that we should be discussing now versus waiting for next year that could help us achieve our goals much sooner”