X-Ray Your Team’s Mindset

Once you know what your team really thinks around a target business challenge, you can then design a follow-up that drives results.

Sounds simple.

However, team members are often uneasy about telling you what they really think. Plus, their deep views are often clouded over by groupthink and reflex responses.

Traditional interview, survey or testing tools don’t get at your team’s deep mindset. That can leave you flying blind.

VistaShift’s patented approach peels away the layers of interference in an anonymous, safe, swift and painless way.

You get rich data and insights that let you see the way forward.

Spark Break Out Thinking

All progress is change. That can require a change of basic mindset – along with coming up with new ideas or ways of doing things.

Old habits of mind and tightly held “truths” can get in way. Too often, attempts at innovation wind up reinforcing the status quo.

VistaShift makes sure that the right range of viewpoints represented, and not just the expected ones.

It enables you to identify habits of thought, debunk mindsets and clear the way ahead.

VistaShift uniquely prompts team members to consider your target business challenge from stretch vantage points – and that’s where fresh thinking can emerge.

Bring Your Team Together

Whether together for years or only days. Whether at board level or ground level. Teams perform best when they’re on the same page.

VistaShift enables you and your whole team to see where there’s deep agreement or conflicting views – and what people feel might be done to resolve the differences.

An added benefit: the actual experience of participation helps bring your team together so that they embrace the outcome.

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