Meeting Success Explorer

Make Your Next Meeting a True Meeting of Minds

What’s on your team’s mind
can be as crucial as what’s on the agenda.

VistaShift’s rapid, Meeting Success Explorer generates an anonymous map of your team’s collective mindset about your meeting, before your meeting, so your team can be far more productive.

Equipped with this advanced intelligence, you can:

  • Navigate around meeting sand traps or address them head on
  • Identify your team’s meeting priorities and see where these align or diverge
  • Surface your team’s meeting worries, and how they’d handle them
  • Optimize the agenda to maximize outcomes

Three Simple Steps to Better Meetings

Now, decisive meetings can be made better, easily.

  • Fill out our easy order form
  • We’ll call you to confirm and answer questions
  • You invite your participants online
  • Participants complete easy perspective-taking online exercises
  • VistaShift runs proprietary analytics and sends you the reports
  • You review and assess VistaShift reports
  • You have a quick call with us
  • You adjust your approach to your meeting accordingly

It Takes So Little To Get So Much

The true cost of any meeting or offsite is not what you’ve spent on it.
It’s what you might have achieved, but didn’t.

  • $695 for 3 – 8 participants
    $80 for each additional participant (max 20)
  • 1 hour (or less) for each participant to respond online
  • 1 week (or less) to deliver the full report
  • 1 Half Hour phone consultation with One of our specialists

To Raise Your
Return On Meetings


Ten Eye-Opening Meeting Landscape Reports

Taking meeting prep to a new dimension.

With VistaShift you’ll be powerfully prepared. Our highly visual, impactful, data-rich reports enable you to discover:

  • Things you didn’t know, but ought to
  • Actionable confirmation of what you already suspected
  • Ranking of priorities


1.Perceived Meeting Competencies
2.Team Ideas for Agenda Items
3.Top Things on Teams Mind About Your Meeting
4.Barriers to Meeting Success
5.Identified Important Team Outcomes


6.Deep Conversations Your Team Wants to Have to Move Ahead
7.Collective Team View on Needs & Values
8.Team Worry Map
9.Team Attitudes & Engagement


10.Action Steps to Catalyze Your Meeting Preparation