Business Challenge Explorer

Operating at the Speed of Change

In today’s arena of global competitiveness,
adaptability can trump strategy.

Delivered by consultants, VistaShift Business Challenge Explorer enables organizations to rapidly adapt to challenges and change by giving them tools to deeply tackle one focused issue at a time, in very short order.

Success Is A Team Sport

VistaShift Team Technology brings teams together around solutions and points of view.

VistaShift Business Challenge Explorer is a rapid, low cost, team Diagnostic & Discovery technology that:

  1. Anonymously “X-rays” a team’s Mindset to get at what it’s really thinking and feeling
  2. Stimulates fresh Insights from the team
  3. Harvests the team’s Recommendations
  4. Prepares the team for the Deep Conversations That Move Your Organization Ahead 

And makes this readily accessible in a set of powerful, data rich, visually impactful reports.

Equipped with these reports, leaders, along with their consulting partners, can see the way forward clearly.


Two Phases for Arriving at Solutions

Discovering the solution and getting your team around it are two different things.

VistaShift process is in two phases, often taken together, and are usually completed in just a few weeks.

 Discovery Phase

This phase reveals what’s really on your team’s mind and pushes team members to new thinking, in four simple steps:

  1. Leader and consultant Identify the Business Challenge that’s important to the organization and the team
  2. Team members anonymously explore issues around the challenge and their team through a set of VistaShift Online Perspective Taking exercises
  3. VistaShift generates a set of Reports that dig deep into the business challenge and challenges of the team itself
  4. Leader and consultant Review the data and decide on next steps.

Often, this is enough to point the way ahead.

Solutions Phase  

VistaShift’s four-step Solutions Phase re-engages the team and gets participants to the deep follow-up conversations that drive business outcomes and team coherence.

  1. VistaShift Reports are also distributed to participants, who can see where their thinking fits with the team. They may be spurred to new ideas and are now deeply prepared to make definitive progress
  2. The consultant leads the team and leader through an enriched exploration of the challenge – aware of team concerns and conflicts that side track many meetings. This is where the Ah-Ha moments often occur.
  3. The consultant analyzes the meeting outcomes, incorporates other findings and presents his or her report to the leader
  4. The leader sets the direction for addressing the business challenge with higher confidence and lower risk – and without sacrificing speed or agility.


Powerful Reports That Can Chart Courses and Change Outcomes

Reports are highly visual and easy to understand. Each one of our targeted solutions comes with its own set of specialized reports.   On average there are 12-15 reports for each solution.

We can also provide custom reporting depending on the nature of your business challenge.

One set of reports is designed to provide feedback to the participants of the VistaShift exercise. They can see how their thinking and insights align with their teammates. This stimulates further thinking – better preparing them for the deep conversations ahead.


A Flexible Framework for Tackling Four Classes of Business Challenges

1. Team Performance & Alignment
When teams pull together, they perform better.

Too many teams perform under their potential – even the good ones. Conflicting views may pull them apart. Loose strategic alignment may drag down results.

Many teams operate in performance comfort zones when they could be delivering so much more.

VistaShift profiles the team’s degree of internal conflict and strategic alignment – and helps identify what can be done about it.

VistaShift pinpoints the motivating factors that will inspire your client’s team to raise its game and push beyond.

And it does all this in direct pursuit of a key business challenge where results can be clearly measured and present the team with a test case for pulling together.

2. Change Realization
Change is so hard to implement, and so seldom lasting.

VistaShift is designed help you tackle many of the familiar challenges of change:

  • Deeply held mindsets often reassert themselves, reversing change
  • The change that’s needed isn’t always clear
  • Change that’s imposed from above, often creates an uphill battle
  • Often, there’s not enough time to learn change skills first and then apply them second
  • Change initiatives can take so long, that they’re out of date by the time they’re completed

VistaShift’s rapid approach gets right down to team level, where change is most manageable. It tackles change in the process of solving a business issue in which the team is invested. It exposes the team’s collective mindset for all to see in a safe, anonymous process. It elicits solutions from the team while stretching thinking to break out of old frames of thought.

It prepares the team for the deep conversations needed to find the way of change together. And it arms consultants and leaders with a framework for curating those conversations.

3. Innovation & Problem Solving
What’s Need Now: a New Swifter Way to Innovate

There’s something broken that needs fixing. You need to respond rapidly to change. You need to create new value or advantage – or simply do things better.

You often pull a team together to tackle the challenge. How can you boost the odds and speed of success?

VistaShift brings the right range of viewpoints together so that key issues aren’t overlooked. It ensures that good ideas aren’t discounted because of who they’re from or how they differ.

VistaShift identifies where your team’s thinking gets stuck and where conflict impedes solutions. It clears the way to fresh insights.

VistaShift pushes team members to think outside their boxes – where the best ideas are found. And it provides powerful means to bring the team together around the discovered solution.

4. Strategy Execution
What to Do Is Only Half the Battle

The shortfall of strategy in achieving business outcomes is often a consequence of unanticipated challenges encountered in execution or a lip-service level of buy-in by those tasked with making the strategy real.

Getting the Plan Right

VistaShift perspective taking technology enables leaders, consultants and teams to take a deeper look at the implications of execution. This can defuse obstacles ahead of time and provide a feedback loop for fine-tuning strategy.

VistaShift enables incorporating input from participants outside the team whose perspective can contribute to the how of implementation.

Getting the Team On Board

In many cases, the people charged with implementing the strategy, haven’t bought into the strategy or into the plan of execution.

This discord is often only discovered after the fact, when execution begins to bog down and the team exercises its creativity in rationalizing under-achievement.

To reduce execution risk, VistaShift technology anonymously “x-rays” your team’s mindset to reveal attitudes and concerns that would otherwise not surface. It gives leaders and consultants team intelligence needed to bring the team together around the strategy and its plan of attack.

What Does It Cost? How Long Does It Take?

Total costs are a combination of consulting fees and VistaShift Technology fees.

We work with your external consultants or can recommend one of our Preferred Partners.

Technology costs for VistaShift Business Challenge Explorer start from as low as $2,995. Engagements can be completed is as quickly as 2-3 weeks.   A typical engagement from first contact until final report is normally about 4 weeks.