VistaShift AI Advisor: NAFTA Planning Tool

The best thing for Canadian companies to do is to try to understand the situation as clearly as possible — and be prepared to react accordingly.

EDC (Export Development Canada)

In a recent poll of Canadian executives, 69% say their greatest risks to their business are geopolitical and policy issues.  VistaShift has developed the first software tool to help Canadian companies prepare by uncovering the greatest risks affecting them and defining new opportunities and responses. This online tool is easy to use and only requires 1 hour per team member.  By taking your team through the VistaShift process, your organization will be better prepared to deal with the uncertainty that lies ahead.

Take control of the situation by leveraging the knowledge of your team

The VistaShift NAFTA module was a worthy exercise that provided us with a good collection of risks and opportunities, which was just what we needed to align our team’s thinking and action plan. 

Jim Estill, CEO, Danby

VistaShift AI Advisor® is a cloud-based software solution that puts your team through a process to anticipate HOW your organization may be affected AND develop the appropriate responses.

The 3 stage VistaShift process:

  • Gather knowledge – 4-8 team members complete an anonymous, cloud-based exercise
  • Provide insights – A Patented Perspective taking approach is used to guide and extract unique thinking from your team
  • Develop action plans – AI is used to generate reports that assess potential risks, opportunities and outcomes

NAFTA Planning Tool Benefits:

  • Don’t get caught off guard – proactively plan and anticipate outcomes
  • Be more prepared – provides a structured framework and action planning
  • Save time and money – cloud-based which allows a team member to participate regardless of geography
  • Better feedback – the software and AI removes politics, opinion and bias for superior results
  • Rapid solution – a quick and easy process to engage and prepare your team for uncertainty

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