Initial NAFTA Assessment For Your Organization


” In terms of trade, Canadian companies want two things—certainty and consistency. But the only certain thing right now is the uncertainty.

That’s why many are adopting the Boy Scout motto of ‘be prepared’ for just about anything. ” 

EDC (Export Development Canada)

VistaShift has developed an initial NAFTA assessment to help Canadian companies start their NAFTA planning. This allows for heightened understanding of how your organization can prepare for new trade rules with the U.S.

It only takes 20 minutes of your time to get an initial assessment.

The negotiations could go a number of ways:

  • A New NAFTA deal is reached
  • Canada reverts to the 1989 Free Trade agreement with the U.S.
  • A new Free Trade Agreement is created.
  • Trade to the U.S. reverts to World Trade Organization rules

You need to be prepared for each outcome so you can plan accordingly.

Outcomes of the Initial NAFTA Assessment include:

  • Your Risk/Resource/Reward Chart – What is the biggest risk, what is the size of the reward for planning for it, and how many resource will it take?
  • Your Risk Meter – How at-risk is your organization to changes to NAFTA?
  • Initial Action Plan – VistaShift insights into next steps to how you can better prepare your organization.

Organizations whose Initial NAFTA Assessment Assessment has identified risks that require further attention may wish to complete the full VistaShift NAFTA module. This team-based module takes a deeper dive into your risks and explores your organization’s responses to your risks as well as your opportunities. This online tool is easy to use, requires 1 hour per team member and results are delivered in one week.

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