Using Insights (not innovation) To Differentiate

 Ron Neumann

We all know that creativity and innovation go hand-in-hand, but with the world changing so fast and growing more complex, innovation has lost its meaning for so many of us.  Innovation is no longer a differentiation factor, or no longer optional, it has become part of our survival.

In the past, we have made innovation our top economic priority.  It is in every company mission statement and we’ve designed our businesses on innovation models for efficiency (shrinking ourselves to greatness), and product development based on what we hope customers will want to buy.  We have been so obsessed with innovation that we have used it as the solution to all of our problems.  We have forgotten about the first part of this equation – creativity and how to tap into it through insight.   Insight is one of the primary mental processes for sparking creativity.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak on this very topic at SB Partner’s NexGen CEO Event last week.   My presentation, “Creativity in Business:  The Gateway To What’s Possible” talked about how creativity happens when we transcend from our traditional processes and use insight for generating ideas.  Creativity before innovationThere is tremendous value in digging deeper to discover what truly drives the behaviour of individuals, organizations and even entire ecosystems.

While there are many definitions for insight, the words “in and sight” really defines itself.  Over my 30+ years of experience, I have come to define what I think the word really means.  For me, insight occurs when what we see, think and feel all comes together in a new way to solve a problem.  It is that “Ah Ha” moment and usually comes in the form of “I never thought of it that way before” versus “I never knew that”.

While creativity must come before innovation, we need insight to succeed in today’s complex world.

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