Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ
  • VistaShift Team Technology is a Diagnostic & Discovery Platform for anonymously “x-raying” a team’s collective mindset and stretching team members’ thinking.
  • VistaShift combines our proprietary perspective-taking techniques and algorithms to generate an evolving suite of products that address the challenges of leaders and their teams – along with the consultants who support them.

VistaShift works for all B2C and B2B companies, with products or services in any vertical.

  • Not really. While it’s deployed online and participant’s answer questions, that’s where the similarity ends.
  • VistaShift conducts a series of sequential perspective taking exercises framed around solving a concrete business challenge.
  • The answers are then put through a rigorous, algorithmic, AI-assisted analysis that generates a series of reports about team attitudes, insights, worries, recommendations, alignment and other factors that enable leaders and consultants to both discover solutions and bring the team together around them.

Currently, VistaShift has two publically available product suites:

  • VistaShift Meeting Success Explorer (M.S.E.)
    M.S.E. stimulates, surfaces and maps a team’s thinking about an upcoming meeting before the meeting, enabling leaders to head off distractions and roadblocks and get down to the key conversations that make a difference.
  • VistaShift Business Challenge Explorer (B.C.E.)
    B.C.E. stimulates, accelerates, surfaces and maps a team’s thinking about a specific business challenge.
  • It gets at ideas and attitudes often not otherwise accessible.
  • It is delivered exclusively by qualified consultants.
    • It enables organizations to respond to the speed of change with breakthrough thinking.
  • For consultants, it accelerates and informs a consultant’s prework and discovery – enabling the consultant to more efficiently deliver higher value to his or her client.


  • Custom Products
    Based on our Team Technology Platform, VistaShift will also produce customized, white label products for interested parties.
  • Leadership Teams & Boards
  • Operation Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Ad Hoc Solutions Teams

For the Meeting Success Explorer the team that participates should include the individuals who will be attending the meeting and may include one or two individuals external to the meeting group. Care should be given to ensure that too much external influence over the meeting attendees is not present.

For the Business Challenge Explorer, the team that participates is based on the challenge that is undertaken.  In the case of the Increasing Sales Module you would pick people at different levels in the organization (managers and front line workers), from all of the customer facing groups within the organization.  For most companies that would be Sales, Marketing, Product and Support.

We have an amazing team that is on hand to answer any questions and guide you and your team through the process.

Business Challenge Explorer FAQ

Business Challenge Explorer is designed to address an immense range of issues across four broad areas:

  1. Team Performance & Alignment
  2. Change Realization
  3. Innovation and Problem Solving
  4. Strategy Execution

The flexibility of our platform technology allows it to be adapted to the particular team type and the specific issue in question.

  • Leadership Teams & Boards
  • Operation Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Ad Hoc Solutions Teams

The optimum team size is between  6  – 12 people.

It will take each participant approximately 45-60 minutes to participate online.

There are two parts to a VistaShift B.C.E. engagement:

  • Consulting services – often provided by a consultant who you’ve chosen.
  • The technology processing and interpretation support provided by VistaShift.
  • Prices for technology processing and interpretation support begin at $2,995 for teams of up to 10 participants.

Yes, in several ways. VistaShift B.C.E. is a unique combination of technology and consulting services.

  • VistaShift can provide consulting services directly along with our technology.

Or we work with one of your trusted consultants, providing VistaShift coaching to your consultant and your leadership.

Meeting Success Explorer FAQ

While the Meeting Success Explorer will identify the deep and important conversations that should occur at the meeting, M.S.E. is used prior to your meeting to ensure optimal preparation.  This drives improved meeting outcomes.

  • Leadership Teams & Boards
  • Operation Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Ad Hoc Solutions Teams

While the optimum team size is between  6  – 12 people, VistaShift Meeting Success Explorer can accommodate up to 20 participants.

It will take each participant approximately one half hour to participate online.

A full report is generated for clients within one week of the participation closing date.

The cost for VistaShift Meeting Success Explorer is:

  • $695 for 3 – 8 participants
  • $80 for each additional participant (max 20)
Found A Bug?

The VistaShift software has been extensively tested both internally and with external test clients before being put to market. Our goal is to provide an intuitive, easy to use tool that provides an optimal user experience. If you should find a bug in our software, we want to hear about it! Please contact our team at with a detailed description so that we can meet our goal.