Frequently Asked Questions

VistaShift works for all B2C and B2B companies, with products or services in any vertical.

The optimum team size is between  6  – 12 people.

The team that participates is based on the challenge that is undertaken.  In the case of the Increasing Sales Module you would pick people at different levels in the organization (managers and front line workers), from all of the customer facing groups within the organization.  For most companies that would be Sales, Marketing, Product and Support.

That really depends on your team.  If you want to rush through it and only give people a few days to answer the questions (during work hours), you can complete our typical module in just over a week.

All of the data is collected using an embedded web form that is built into the VistaShift Platform.   You can answer the questions wherever you are located and on your own schedule.   The VistaShift software works on a desktop, laptop or tablet.  Since the focus is on collecting written input, that does not work as well on a mobile device.

That depends on the chosen module. Typically contributors can expect to spend between 45 minutes to over an hour doing their perspective taking exercise. 

One aspect of the power of VistaShift is that we put the team into different perspectives during the process.  This is designed to help them think differently than they do when they normally do their job.  We have a patented way of asking the questions that gets the maximum value out of the participant with the minimum amount of effort.  Most people who participate think the process is fun and they often say that it made them think about their everyday work in a different way.   Spelling and grammar are not important and point form answers are fine.

We analyze your results using Human Assisted AI since we have some of the analysis provided by an algorithm. But we still review the data and use human knowledge to confirm we understand what you meant to say in your answers.

Yes, all of the answers collected are provided so you can see all of the details in addition to the processed answers.

The results of the process are stored in a database and provided to the users by .pdf.

We have an amazing team that is on hand to answer any questions and guide you and your team through the process.

The VistaShift solution ranges in price, depending on your needs. Contact us to discuss your individual needs further.

Found A Bug?

The VistaShift software has been extensively tested both internally and with external test clients before being put to market. Our goal is to provide an intuitive, easy to use tool that provides an optimal user experience. If you should find a bug in our software, we want to hear about it! Please contact our team at with a detailed description so that we can meet our goal.