VistaShift for Teams Tilts the Field Favourably

Business Benefits

  • A powerful, differentiated door opener
  • Enables you to deliver more value to client for the same budget.
  • Rich data set supports needs assessment and increases client buy-in to proposed interventions.
  • High benefits at modest cost – reduces barriers to uptake and repeated use
  • Simple and rapid to execute – reduces the complexity, time and cost for information gathering.
  • VistaShift is only offered through qualified consultants

Solution Benefits

  • Adaptable/customizable – dovetails to your process and reflects your expertise.
  • Rich data sets and reports enable you to pinpoint follow-on consulting opportunities.
  • Provides deep insights that can be pursued in follow-up interviews or focus groups, increasing their effectiveness.
  • Surface views not accessible through other means.
  • Reveals unexpected insights

Targeting Essential Business Outcomes

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