Consulting is at a Crossroads

To enable clients to move swifter and surer, consultants must speed up too.

The ground has irrevocably shifted beneath clients – and it’s placing seismic pressure on consultants to deliver greater value, at lower costs, much faster.

And not to stop short at strategy, but to also help realize execution. In the end,  it’s not about ideas for clients – it’s about results.

This shift is opening up massive opportunity for consultants, along with considerable threats.

This is why VistaShift was invented.

Getting to workable solutions owned by leadership and internal teams is more than a matter of moving faster.

It also demands going deeper… while generating a higher degree of certainty and commitment in the bargain.

Top-tier and boutique consulting firms are increasingly looking to technology to help deliver the new standard of faster, cheaper and better.

Those who can deploy technology to deliver all three ideals at once stand to enjoy decisive advantage well into the future.

VistaShift’s Business Challenge Explorer fills this technology bill nicely.

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Our Technology, Your Approach

Nothing can replace your intelligence,
But VistaShift technology can extend your insight.

Business Challenge Explorer is an adaptive solutions framework for addressing a wide range of business issues through teams.

It is designed to integrate into your consulting approach and can be easily used in conjunction with other tools.

It enables you and the team to focus in a specific business challenge while filtering out the noise, so you get that much father ahead, that much faster.


Accelerating Discovery & Prework

Making every minute count
and each conversation count more.

Typical VistaShift engagements take 1-3 weeks.

VistaShift’s rapid Diagnostic & Discovery technology is based on conducting perspective taking exercises with team members. The exercises are delivered anonymously online at each participant’s convenience.

This eliminates much of the delays in interview scheduling and processing that are typical in one-on-one formats.

Plus, it greatly informs those interviews that still need to be held and the deep, decisive discussions that come later.

VistaShift provides a data-rich map of a team’s Mindset, Insights and Recommendations – a highly useful, unique overview you’d be hard-pressed to generate any other way.

VistaShift mapping is key to removing obstacles that the team itself may impose. And it enables you to easily zero in on solutions for both strategy and execution, in one go or several.


Easy to Master and Deploy

We do the heavy lifting, you do the big thinking.

VistaShift is automated, intuitive and fits seamlessly into your practice, so there’s not a lot to master and there’s no formal training or certification required.

If you’re just getting started with us, we’re happy to go over each step with you as you need.

Setting the Engagement

Your first task is to define the business challenge statement in a way that’s addressable by VistaShift Technology and that’s of high value to the team. There’s a tool for assessing team priorities, if needed. Help is simply a phone call or email away.

Based on the business challenge and the type of team, the exercises are framed around a select sequence of mind-stretching perspectives. A brief conversation can help clarify the specific selection for your engagement.

VistaShift produces a series of reports and a detailed set of raw data. The Reports are clear, visually constructed and intuitive. They are designed for clients to absorb easily too.

The underlying data set – including verbatims that only you can see – is very rich. It can take a little bit of experience to see how to make fullest use of all the reports and outputs.

Leading the deep client conversations is where all the reports and data really pay off.  We’ve armed you with unprecedented mapping and data, now it’s up to your experience and flair to bring your client to the next level.


Becoming a VistaShift Preferred Consultant

The opportunity is mutual.

VistaShift Business Challenge Explorer is delivered exclusively through consultants.

We recognize that consultants’ deep experience and independent perspective is vital to arriving at break-through solutions and to bringing teams together without the distortions of group dynamics or hierarchy.

VistaShift markets directly to clients and to consultants. Client leads are referred to our roster of preferred consultants.

These are individuals who have had a number of engagements using the VistaShift technology and have a defined area of expertise.

Interested in to exploring our “VistaShift Preferred Consultants” opportunity?