The Technology for the Age of Teams

To cope with our volatile, fast-moving world, businesses everywhere are transforming their structures, processes and technologies to empower teams.

To achieve the most with teams requires going beyond sharing ideas and work. It takes breaking through the barriers to collaboration inherent in team dynamics and habitual perspectives.

VistaShift Team Technology enables teams to achieve more, faster, at their two most decisive points of engagement:

Hard Data from a Soft Science

The difference between what you suppose and what you know, can make all the difference

VistaShift’s online Team Technology is a rapid, low cost, Diagnostic & Discovery platform. By tapping the immense power of perspectives, VistaShift enables you to:

  • Anonymously “X-rays” your team’s Mindset to get at what it’s really thinking and feeling
  • Stimulate fresh Insights from your team to break their thinking out of the box
  • Harvest your team’s Recommendations 
  • Prepare your team for the Deep Conversations that move your organization ahead

VistaShift generates a data-rich, actionable series of reports about these soft things that lets you see the way forward with clarity – sidelining distractions and resolving conflicting viewpoints.

One Technology, Two Solutions

VistaShift provides solutions for the following types of teams:

Leadership Teams

Operational Teams

Project Teams

Ad Hoc Teams

For a detailed description of our solutions please click on the icons.

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Client Feedback

What Clients Say

“ We were able to quickly bring together key insights which generated an 18% increase in sales”. Sanjay Singhal, CEO Audiobooks-
“The VistaShift module was a worthy exercise that provided us with a good collection of risks and opportunities, which was just what we needed to align our team’s thinking and action plan.” Jim Estill, CEO, Danby-
“The VistaShift exercise allowed us to use different perspectives to get important inputs and insights from more team members than our typical approach, provided quick feedback, and allowed us to move forward with confidence.” Doug Watt, President & CEO, Catelli Foods Corp.-
” This powerful process allowed our team to use their voices and understanding to prove a very powerful outcome and demonstrate that they can be a strong, cohesive team.” Jeanette Heywood, Regional Director, YMCA Simcoe/Muskoka-
”When we used VistaShift at Freshbooks, the big benefit was that it aligned our team's thinking, focus and objectives. The process brought our team members together, created trust, broke down silos and allowed us to reach our project goals quickly.“ Scott Clugston, Director Sales, Freshbooks Cloud Accounting-
”The Vista Shift exercise generated creativity and energy around coming political, regulatory, and economical changes, aligning us in our strategy to use these industry changes to promote growth. The various perspectives we generated brought new insights to management, and increased trust in the strength of the team as a whole.” Debbie McCue, President, Megaloid Laboratories-