VistaShift for Teams is a rapid diagnostic and discovery technology for
getting right to the deep conversations needed to drive your organization ahead.

VistaShift’s Decisive Meetings and Offsites Solution

Get Right Down to Results

The true cost of any meeting is not what you’ve spent.
It’s what you didn’t achieve but might have.

VistaShift enables you – and your team – to go into the meeting with a clear understanding of the team’s overall mindset, its fresh insights and its initial recommendations. Your meeting begins where many wind up.


Unleash the Power of Perspectives

X-Ray Your Team’s Mindset

Reveal the deep, often unstated thoughts and feelings that drive your teams performance.

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Spark Break-Out Thinking

Prompt team members to step outside their mental frames and identify fresh solutions for your business challenge.

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Bring Your Team Together

The experience of VistaShift fosters team cohesion while delivering the deep data needed to drive alignment issues.

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Tailor the Solution to the Team

Leadership Teams

Connect high altitude thinking with the views on the ground.


Operational Teams

Lead teams beyond their comfort zones to higher performance.


Project Teams

Dissolve silo thinking and solidify your team. 


Ad Hoc Solution Teams

Prevent old thinking from getting in the way of new solutions. 


Client Feedback

What Clients Say

“ We were able to quickly bring together key insights which generated an 18% increase in sales”. Sanjay Singhal, CEO Audiobooks-
“The VistaShift NAFTA module was a worthy exercise that provided us with a good collection of risks and opportunities, which was just what we needed to align our team’s thinking and action plan.” Jim Estill, CEO Danby-
“The VistaShift exercise allowed us to use different perspectives to get important inputs and insights from more team members than our typical approach, provided quick feedback, and allowed us to move forward with confidence.” Doug Watt, President & CEO, Catelli Foods Corp.-
” This powerful process allowed our team to use their voices and understanding to prove a very powerful outcome and demonstrate that they can be a strong, cohesive team.” Jeanette Heywood, Regional Director YMCA Simcoe/Muskoka-
``When we used VistaShift at Freshbooks, the big benefit was that it aligned our team's thinking, focus and objectives. The process brought our team members together, created trust, broke down silos and allowed us to reach our project goals quickly.“ Scott Clugston, Director Sales, Freshbooks Cloud Accounting-

Consultants: Deliver Greater Client Value, More Efficiently

Reduce the Burden of Assessment

Invest more time on solutions and less on interviews and information gathering while gaining a more precise basis for your recommendations.

Meet Your Client’s Challenge And Mesh with Your Approach

Adapt our toolset to almost any business challenge and to your unique approach. We can also create customized tools that enhance your IP.

Start or Restart Client Conversations

Bring new ideas and new tools to the table. VistaShift can help get at intractable issues where success has previously proven spotty.


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