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Our patented process will empower your team and help build better relationships with clients and grow a thriving team and business. Let us show you how.

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Team Message Maker

Your team has the answers and the information, and we know how to ask the questions from unique perspectives to get those answers. Your answers help create marketing messages and strategies that perfectly align with your customers.

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Our partner program is the perfect marriage between Customer Discovery and Campaign Execution. The outcomes of our sophisticated system provides marketing and sales organizations with the exact ‘fuel’ they need to design, build and execute the perfect campaigns.

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Key Benefits


Our software makes it easy to participate anywhere-anytime.
We deliver results in ¼ the time compared to traditional marketing consultants. Get results in weeks, not months.

Lower Cost

By using human assisted artificial intelligence you benefit from reduced costs but still receive quality outcomes.

Science Based

Our  unique, patented process scientifically synthesizes the insights to extract the messages and themes that connect with customers.

Visual Interface

The software captures themes and insight from your teams input. The software also creates a VistaMap™ that provides a visualization of your team and customer perspectives.

Dynamically Manage Your Marketing Messages

Understand what influences your company’s ability to increase sales on an ongoing basis.

Create and Store Your Insights, Themes and Messages

Keep an ongoing list of the insights, themes and messages that influence your marketing.

Unique Visualization - VistaMap ™

Shows customer view and how it is different from your view.

Optimized for tablet and desktop use.

Lets you quickly access your information wherever you are.


Why You Need it

Watch this video to understand why you need VistaShift – Message Maker.

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Team Involvement

Understand how the process works and what team involvement is needed.  


Benefits of Team Alignment

Team Alignment can have powerful results.
Outside: Customer Alignment = Increase Sales
Inside Alignment = Increased Productivity
Found out how VistaShift can give you team alignment with our infographic.

Download Our Infographic

The foundation of VistaShift is based on the past 30 years of the successful work history of Ron Neumann, built specifically on the success of SlipStream, (which was acquired by Blackberry). Utilizing an approach similar to VistaShift allowed SlipStream to create the market leading solution in only 4 years. VistaShift is the evolution of that approach, now available in software that is a simple and straightforward solution that can benefit you.

Our guided processes will put your team into other people’s perspectives and assemble their viewpoints to extract the messages and themes that will connect with you customer.

Who VistaShift works for:

Works For B2C Companies

VistaShift-Team Message Maker is the perfect tool for any company selling directly to customers (B2C).

Works for B2B Companies

Those companies selling directly to businesses (B2B) can benefit from VistaShift – Team Message Maker by understanding what marketing messages are needed to connect.

Works for Products

VistaShift -Team Message Maker helps teams create marketing messages for any type of product in any vertical market.

Works For Services

The VistaShift-Team Message Maker Solution works for any type of service in any vertical.

Great For Partners

VistaShift-Team Message Maker is a unique discovery tool that will ensure campaigns connect the first time.  You will become invaluable to your clients as you help build stronger customer relationships that make their business thrive through this revolutionary approach.

Priced to Fit Every Budget

Your team will benefit from our affordable package options suited to fit every budget. Solutions from $495 to $4995 plus applicable taxes, based on size of engagement. Contact us for a quote that will work for you.