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Surviving Today's Unpredictable Business Climate

In a world where change is the only constant, your organization needs to be able to adapt swiftly and effectively, time and time again to survive.

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Time For Change Meaning Different Strategy Or Vary

Why You Need To Adapt

Adaptation requires you to see things clearly, make workable plans and enact them fast. To deal with today’s speed and complexity, we need to reimagine, to reinvent the way we do things: the way we see, plan and act.

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How You Can Adapt

VistaShift AI Advisor gives your organization the capacity to adapt and re-adapt to relentless change quickly and easily, while solving concrete business challenges, not as a distracting interruption.

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Key Benefits

Team Buy In

Our process gathers input from relevant stakeholders. The insights and outcomes generated from our process come from your team; they own the outcome. This clears the way for seeing and embracing the change that needs to happen.


Our software solution makes it easy to give you results in weeks, not months, allowing you to solve your challenge quickly while learning to adapt.

Lower Cost

The low cost of VistaShift’s AI Advisor enables any leader or manager to initiate adaptation in response to a new threat, challenge or opportunity.

Science Based

Our unique, patented process scientifically synthesizes the insights to extract the expertise within your team they didn’t realize they had.

Software To Align Your Team's Thinking

Align your team’s language, thinking and behaviour.

Unique Visualization - VistaMap ™

Visually shows different perspectives and how it is different from the way you normally view the challenge.

Optimized for tablet and desktop use.

Lets you quickly access your information wherever you are.


Reinventing Doing

Today’s organizations are faced with a near impossible task to be ambidextrous – to adapt your organization to survive in the future (reinventing), while also delivering results today to more stakeholders (doing). VistaShift AI Advisor is Reinventing Doing to help you with your two roles.


See. Plan.Act

See the world with fresh eyes without your normal bias or blindspots. Plan with insights collected from every department member so that plans are both inclusive and workable. Now your organization is ready to Act, while naturally adapting without interruption.  


Additional Benefits

Removing the silos, blindspots and politics creates alignment of language, thinking and customer understanding

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The foundation of VistaShift is based on the past 30 years of the successful work history of Ron Neumann, built specifically on the success of SlipStream, (which was acquired by Blackberry). Utilizing an approach similar to VistaShift allowed SlipStream to create the market leading solution in only 4 years. VistaShift is the evolution of that approach, now available in software that is a simple and straightforward solution that can benefit you.

With VistaShift, adapting is an organic process that happens while you get things done, without having to stop, relearn and then reinvent.

Who VistaShift works for:

Works For B2C Companies

VistaShift AI Advisor is the ideal tool for any company selling directly to customers (B2C) with a revenue of $8 – $100 Million in revenue.

Works for B2B Companies

VistaShift AI Advisor is designed for those companies selling directly to businesses (B2B) and have a revenue of $8 – $100 Million,

Works for Products

VistaShift AI Advisor is designed to help any organization with a revenue from $8 – 100 Million in any type of product in any vertical market.

Works For Services

The VistaShift AI Advisor Solution works for any type of organization with a service in any vertical and an ideal revenue of $8 – 100 Million.


Low Cost, Low Risk Solution

Your organization will benefit from our affordable package options suited to fit every budget.  Contact us for a quote that will work for you.