Meet VistaShift AI Advisor: The World’s First Business Adaptation Software

Cloud-based software designed to help organizations see and respond to threats and opportunities. It uses internal team perspectives which have been optimized with a patented approach and the use of Artificial Intelligence.


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Our customers have discovered how to succeed in today’s fast paced world.

The approach is simple….
Get the right information from the right people to address the right challenge to make better decisions.

Gain Clarity

  • Patented perspective taking approach
  • Anonymous survey collection
  • Small multidisciplinary teams
  • Remove bias, politics and opinions

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Be More Efficient

  • Rapid deployment, easy to use software
  • Increases decision making timeliness
  • Breaks down silos, biases and politics
  • Consistent and reliable process

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Make Better Decisions

  • Artificial Intelligence produces better results
  • Key insights delivered by dynamic reporting
  • Common language and understanding
  • Systematic and repeatable approach

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VistaShift® is Reinventing Doing

Remove the blind spots, politics and silos once and for all!-
Align your team’s thinking, language and customer understanding.-
With VistaShift, adapting is an organic process that happens while you get things done, without having to stop, relearn and then reinvent.-
Reinvention without disruption.-
Built on Experience

The foundation of VistaShift is based on the past 30 years of the successful work history of Ron Neumann, built specifically on the success of SlipStream, (which was acquired by Blackberry). Utilizing an approach similar to VistaShift allowed SlipStream to create the market leading solution in only 4 years. VistaShift is the evolution of that approach, now available in software that is a simple and straightforward solution that can benefit you.

Works For All Companies

All companies can benefit from the solutions provided by VistaShift AI Advisor including B2C and B2B companies with products or services in any type of vertical market. VistaShift AI Advisor is ideally suited for companies that are facing new business challenges or want to capitalize on opportunities (e.g. new product launch, organizational growth and alignment, identifying new channels).

Our Unique Approach

VistaShift AI Advisor’s patented processed is based on our unique approach of using perspective taking.  Simply put, we put people through exercises that take them out of their normal world view and replace it with a fresh view.  Over 1,600 people from over 120 organizations have tested our process and have experienced the power of perspective taking. We have worked hard to field test the best ways to integrate these powers into the software solution we are offering today.

Are you interested in learning what VistaShift can do for your organization?      

VistaShift is located on beautiful Georgian Bay, a large bay of Lake Huron, located entirely within Ontario, Canada.  Known as the “30,000 islands” Georgian Bay is home to incredible views and a variety of flora and fauna that have adapted to suit the local environment. We are proud of our location and wanted to share it with you.